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Web-Seminar on Benfotiamine

May 22, 2013 XSTO Solutions

BenfoPure® is the only benfotiamine which has a regulatory status in the USA. With its ability to help maintain healthy sugar metabolism, BenoPure®, has a unique mode-of-action by supporting healthy sugar metabolism and blocking harmful biochemical pathways through which high blood sugar damages cells. Hear about these benefits and more during this complimentary web seminar.

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Part 1 – “The Dangers of Sugar” by Steve Hanson, GRIP Ideas (20 min)

Part 2 – “BenfoPure Benfotiamine” by Dan Murray, XSTO Solutions (30 min)


XSTO adds sGRAS BenfoPure Benfotiamine

Jan. 15, 2013 XSTO Solutions | Engredea News & Analysis

XSTO Solutions and Hamari Chemicals have agreed to a multiyear exclusive distribution agreement for BenfoPure in the U.S.

XSTO Solutions and its manufacturing partner, Hamari Chemicals of Japan, have agreed to a multiyear exclusive distribution agreement for BenfoPure® brand Benfotiamine in the U.S. This follows the recent designation of self GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) via Hamari’s assembling of an independent panel of experts.

Xsto will utilize the new GRAS designation to introduce BenfoPure Benfotiamine to the US nutrition market as the only source of Benfotiamine with a regulatory status. BenfoPure is currently sold in Japan, Europe and other parts of the world. BenfoPure is manufactured in Japan by Hamari Chemicals, a recognized leader in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical production operating multiple facilities in Japan.

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Hamari nutraceuticals certified kosher

By Lorraine Heller and Shane Starling, August 26, 2010

Japanese firm Hamari Chemicals has obtained kosher certification for its functional ingredients, including its flagship gut health, PepZin GI zinc-L-Carnosine product.

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